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Training Program


Main objective of the Research Training Group is to ensure an efficient education of the Ph.D. students in combination with high quality research. Therefore, several structural elements are introduced, ensuring an attractive and interdisciplinary research environment for the research training group. The key idea is to povide optimized support in the propagation of essential knowledge in respect to the inidvidual research topic. This is achieved by a tight integration of the students into the research groups as well by a strong and active network among the members of the Research Training Group and with the respective national and international research communities.

Concerning the structure and realization of the training program, the engaged project leader have long-term experiences in structural graduation training programs like MOSES and IPP hosted at the Center for Sensor Systems (ZESS).

Structure of Training Program

The curricular program of the Research Training Group covers the following modules, mainly hold in Englisch:

  • Introductory Courses, chosen to be complementary to the individual pre-knowledge within the interdisciplinary research topics
  • Research Oriented Courses focused on individual research interests
  • Soft Skill cources like language courses
  • Workshops dealing with ethical and social aspects
  • College Seminar, mainly held by invited guest professors
  • Doctoral Seminar for interdisciplinary cooperation and progress control

Career Opportinunies

Practical experiences show that graduates of Research Training Groups have excellent job opportunities on the national as well as the international job market. The Research Training Group is designed to bring forth young academics as future scientists and leaders for an innovative industry. The Research Training Group strengthens the human resource basis by addressing all research topics on both, a conceptual and a detailed technological level. The practical and scientifical realization of prototypes forms the foundation for a promising career in research facilities and in the safety industry, as well as in the aircraft-, automotive-, automatization- or pharma industry.